2019 December Top Learners

Be inspired by our Top Learners! 

Better late than never right? Please join us in congratulating more of our 2019 top Pork Avenue learners! We are inspired by their commitment to continuous learning and their profession in the pig industry. For more information about Pork Avenue subscriptions, contact info@porkavenuetraining.com or visit www.porkavenuetraining.com.

#1 Top Learner of the Month, Duncan Penner from Maple Leaf Pork

Working with pigs has been a positive experience for Duncan in his first year.

He observes, “Pigs are very intelligent animals and have a unique way of telling you things, and they are very cute!”

Duncan truly understands that training on farm helps team members. “Through training, you become aware of the correct, safe and humane way to work with livestock.”

He believes that Pork Avenue has helped his caregiver skills. “I can overcome challenges I am faced with and do the job properly.”

When asked what he likes best about training with Pork Avenue, Duncan notes how happy he has been with ease of use. “It is a very easy to understand the training portal and has helped me learn a lot of new things.”

We are so glad that Pork Avenue has been a great spot for you to learn, Duncan!

Big congratulations to Duncan Penner for being a TOP PORK AVENUE LEARNER!

#2 Top Learner of the Month, Edgar Moral Varela from Brenneman Pork

Edgar has only been working in the pork industry for just under a year, but he already has a deep appreciation for how rewarding it can be to work with pigs.

Edgar understands that proper training on farm not only benefits the animals, it benefits the people as well.

“Pigs are docile animals. [Training is important] to have better staff performance.”

We believe that Edgar’s love for learning is a part of what has helped him quickly become a top learner on Pork Avenue. In fact, he says what he likes most is having “the possibility of learning new skills.”

Edgar appreciates the thoroughness of the portal and the lessons. “[I like] the good structure of your program and the ease of understanding the lessons.”

Big congratulations to Edgar Moral Varela for being a TOP PORK AVENUE LEARNER!

#3 Top Learner of the Month, Jessica Merino Bolivar from Brenneman Pork

“Together we can improve and create a solid work environment,” says Jessica Merino Bolivar another Top Learner on Pork Avenue.

Dr. Sarah agrees, “We love learners who have this attitude. Working together to train and mentor and verify competencies on farm is critical for success.”

Jessica has been working in the pork industry for 2 years, giving technical assistance as well as completing tasks related to disease prevention!

Her favorite aspect of her job is working directly with the pigs. “[They are] a noble species and easy to handle.”

Jessica takes a great approach to learning. She likes that learning helps her learn new skills and grow personally and professionally. We agree that there are so many benefits to learning!

Pork Avenue has been a great learning spot for Jessica. “The courses are innovative and very well explained. This makes it easier to understand the techniques proposed.”

Big congratulations to Jessica Merino Bolivar for being a TOP PORK AVENUE LEARNER!