2020 Quarter 1 Top Learners

Congratulations to one of our 2020 Quarter 1 Top Learners, Zelmarie Reynders from Keesecker Agri Business!
Today, more than ever, it is important to celebrate and be grateful for you, our caregivers on farm working hard to offer great care to pigs. Your work is important. Your pigs are important. Making food for the world is important. Please be safe. Be healthy. Let’s keep our chins up. And, like Zelmarie, let’s keep learning and working hard for pigs and people. Stay tuned to help us celebrate more Top Learners in Quarter 1 soon! Nominate a Top Learner from your farm by clicking here: https://porkavenuetraining.com/site/nominate-a-top-learner/.

Zelmarie Reynders, a caregiver for Keesecker Agri Business has been working in the pork industry for 8 months. She is amazed by pigs and believes in the power of training, “Pigs grow so fast and are relatively easy to raise!” Zelmarie feels it is important to train people on farm “to make sure they are comfortable with the work they have to complete and make sure they know how to do it correctly.”

It is one thing to do the training and another to personally apply it. What makes Zelmarie stand out is that she takes initiative to positively motivate her peers along the way. “Zelmarie pushes other employees to get their Pork Avenue lessons done. Her drive to learn is contagious!” notes Skyler Warnke, Keeseeker Agri Business’ HR Director.

Warnke emphasizes, “Her positive attitude towards learning and work is infectious and motivates other employees to think of education and training like she does.” Warnke wanted to recognize Zelmarie “because she consistently completes at least 1 Pork Avenue lesson a month, usually more like 3, and is always looking for a way to better herself. Zelmarie wants to learn beyond her department; she wants to learn about every stage of our business.”

Zelmarie enjoys learning so she can obtain new skills. Learning new skills gives her the “capability to do more in the future.” She says, “I like Pork Avenue because I get to keep learning and make sure I always know how to correctly do something.”

Skyler confirms that Zelmarie works to personally understand and apply training, “When training or doing education with employees, Zelmarie is always the first to question what is being said or ask for more explanation. This is because she is going to take what you are saying to heart and apply it to her work. Her competitiveness allows her to always strive towards bettering herself every day and her caring nature allows her to give excellent pig care each and every day.”

Congratulations again to Zelmarie on being one of our 2020 Quarter 1 Top Learners! Read more about other Top Learners in upcoming weeks. We are also accepting nominations for 2020 Quarter 2. Nominate a Top Learner from your farm by clicking here: https://porkavenuetraining.com/site/nominate-a-top-learner/.

Pork Avenue is over 120 learning experiences in English and Spanish across all aspects of pork production built on online learning management software. We follow a “See it. Do it. Teach it.” philosophy when creating and delivering learning experiences. We work with farms to develop curriculums for Employee Orientations, Farrowing Tech Levels, Breeding Tech Levels, Manager Training, Wean to Market Techs and more. PQA and TQA can also be taken on Pork Avenue. Pork Avenue creates a transcript of accomplishment per learner. It is both an online library of lessons as well as a training record keeping system. For more information, go to www.porkavenuetraining.com today!